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BuddyCap studios

Welcome! We are BuddyCap Studios, a collaborative Production studio that focuses on content creation for brands. We strive to consistently exceed the expectations of our clients by providing original, quality content that engages your audience, drives traffic, and increases sales.

Video content reigns supreme when it comes to digital marketing today and there's no substitute for a well executed video campaign that engages your target audience. That's why BuddyCap offers full service content creation. If it's for an ad campaign, organic post, or promotional content we can bring your vision to life from developing your creative strategy to post.

Moxy® Hotels
Rae Wellness
Frito Lay

Quality photo content is a key component of any brand's marketing. Whether it is for your website, catalogue, social media, promotional content, or a billboard it's important to have a consistent style and aesthetic across all channels that captures the heart of your brand and products. BuddyCap offers full service commercial photography that will elevate your brand's image and outshine the competition.


Letter Shoppe

"WOW WOW WOW! It's SO hard to choose from all these EPIC shots! I had to narrow it down to only 3 photos and 3 videos, but really, there is no wrong choice here... Thank you so so so much for doing this for us, you absolutely CRUSHED IT!"


Fit Rebel Apparel 

"OMG! YOU NAILED THE VIDEOS! THEY ARE PERFECT! I literally don't have any further feedback for further improvement because they are so good! I will constantly be needing new content and you are literally top on the list for future content."


True Lemon

"The content is PERFECT! Thank you so much for nailing this. Can't wait for next time!"

"Once again you have done a fabulous job with your contagious smile :) These are perfect! I really love the last two."

ready for content that stands out from the rest?

Our team will work with you from start to finish to curate your creative strategy and provide content that will elevate your brand's digital presence.

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