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up close paper texture_edited.jpg



BuddyCap is a collaborative production studio that focuses on commercial photography, videography, and digital assets. We've also expanded our services to include more creative productions such as music videos, short stories, other artistic projects. We strive to consistently exceed the expectations of our clients by providing original, high quality content for every project regardless if it's for your company's new TV commercial or just a picture for your Instagram. We'll work with you from start to finish on crafting a vision, producing that vision, and sharing it with the world.


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Brii Payne: Producer & Creative Director 

Brii started her career as a professional model. With 10 years of experience on production sets and being featured across the world in everything from billboards, TV commercials, magazines, and much more, her knowledge and connections in the commercial production industry are unmatched. As creative director of BuddyCap, Brii curates concepts, styles for shoots, and designs sets.


Michael Schimmel: Producer & Production Director

Michael got his start in the industry when Brii and him bought their first camera together and quickly realized he had an eye for capturing images that stood out from others. After years of learning and practicing in the commercial production industry, Michael has grown into a full-fledged multimedia artist. Utilizing photo, video, and music to share messages with the world.


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